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  Details of New registration numbers - CIN, Excise & Service Tax of respective Plants   
CIN No :          U34200TZ2011PLC022194
Excise Registration Details Service Tax Registration Details
Plant Registration Number Plant Registration Number
Plant 1       AAGCP0139EEM003 Corporate office, Plant 1, Plant 3, Plant 4(Karamadai), Xenos-mfr,Xenos-Dealer       AAGCP0139ESD003
Plant 2       AAGCP0139EEM008
Plant 3 & SCMS       AAGCP0139EEM004
Plant 4 (no operations)       AAGCP0139EEM005 Plant 2       AAGCP0139ESD004
Plant 5       AAGCP0139EEM002 Plant 5       AAGCP0139ESD002
Xenos - Manufacturer       AAGCP0139EEM006 Plant 6       AAGCP0139ESD005
Xenos - DEALER       AAGCP0139EEM007 Plant 7       AAGCP0139ESD006